Derek is the eldest of George Venturi’s three children. After Derek’s father remarried to Nora Mcdonald, who was also divorcee, she moved in with the Venturi’s to London, Ontario along with her two daughters, Casey and Lizzie. However, Casey, Nora’s eldest daughter was not at all happy with them moving away from their home as […]

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Things can really turn chaotic when there are too many people living in one roof and patriarch Curtis Payne has to deal with it on a daily basis. When his nephew Clarence “CJ” Payne and his wife Janine moved to their place in Atlanta after their house being accidentally burned down by a drugged Janine, […]

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Since the age of 8, Dr. Payne has been in love with comics. Through the years it seemed that no matter the style of comic young man Payne was into at that …

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Dr. Payne first began taking pictures as he followed the Red Sox to stadiums around the country. Then, after receiving requests from models interested in his …



Life can really be hard especially when you are a neurotic parent who has to constantly deal with the people around you. That is how Christine Campbell played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) lives her everyday life. And to add insult to injury, she is often bothered by her immature ex-husband Richard portrayed by Clark Gregg whose […]


When their time machine malfunctioned, Phil Diffy and his family accidentally found themselves stranded in the year 2004 in Pickford, California. As his family attempts to repair their time machine to be able to return to their own time in the year 2121, Phil along with his younger sister Pim decides to go to school […]



Dethklok is a death metal band who is popular beyond unheard of levels. Band membersNathan Explosion, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Pickles, William Murderface, and Toki Wartooth as well as their Manager Charles Foster Offdensen are all oblivious to the chaos that they sow wherever they go. In fact, everyone fears them to the point that organizations around […]



Carnivale is an American television series set in the United States during “The Great Depression” and Dust Bowl around the years 1934 to 1935. The story has two main plots that will eventually intertwine as the series progress. The first involves Nick Stahl portraying Ben Hawkins, a young farmer living in Oklahoma who was also […]


When Nick George’s father mysteriously dies in a plane crash, he suddenly finds himself taking the position of the Darling Family’s legal counsel. Unconvinced that it was just an accident, he commits himself in finding out more clues to his father’s demise. At the same time, he slowly finds himself being drawn once again to […]



Raven Baxter is your typical teenager who is known for her fashion statement and style. However, what makes her particularly different from other people of her age is that she is gifted with precognition; the ability to see portions of future events. Unfortunately, she often misinterprets these visions which cause her attempts to change the […]



Have you ever wondered about the authenticity of myths and or urban legends? In this science, reality and documentary show, special effects professionals Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman along with their team of experts in M5 Industries, pursue the truth behind rumors, myths, news stories and many more through the implementation of the various elements […]


Flight of the Conchords is an American comedy television series which follows the story of a two-man band from New Zealand; real-life band member duo Jemain Clement and Bret Mckenzie, both of whom play a fictionalized version of themselves. The story starts with the two of them as shepherds who have decided to form a […]